Feet on the Street raises Rs20,000 towards Rs60,000 container release target!

Feet on the Street (FOTS) is a monthly 5k run in Bangalore that is organized by Runners for Life, featuring an NGO for the month.


“On the morning of April 11th, a number of enthusiastic joggers were present at Cubbon Park, and learnt about ProVision and the work we do. Some of them came back to us after the run and enquired more about us and promised to spread the word and help us carry our work further.”

Well done Sean Dexter who hauled himself out of bed at 6am on a Sunday morning to run for ProVision Asia – and raised close to Rs20,000 for the container which we are aiming to release by the end of this month.



ProVision Director, Shirley Aaron: “We need Rs.60,000 (approximately) to release the wheel chairs from the customs – the consignment contains  about 200 Wheel chairs plus walkers crutches for which we don’t know the exact numbers these are second hand wheelchairs (to be refurbished in Bangalore Prison) coming from the US – International Disability Centre, California from Joni and Friends”.

We are a third of the way to our target – join us to help make a real impact on someone’s life here in Bangalore.


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