Sean Dexter is on the road again – and, again, in aid of ProVision Asia

Will you sponsor this fine figure of a man? On the 23rd May I will be running in the Sunfeast World 10km run in Bangalore and would like to use it to raise money for a good cause. The good news is that it isn’t a huge amount of money, but the impact of it will be immense. I recognise that for some of you racing snakes that 10km is a mere warm up, before breakfast; and it is completely insignificant compared to a friend, Tim Watts, who is cycling from John o’Groats to Lands End in 11 days! Indeed in a younger, more lean and mean form it would not have been much of a challenge for me. However age and good living does slow you down and there will be a fair amount of sweat and perhaps pain in the 50 minutes or so it takes me to do the run.   What are the funds for?  Over the time we have lived in Bangalore we have got to know a Bangalore based charity called ProVision Asia that works with the physically challenged. ProVision Asia is an organisation staffed by dedicated individuals who literally transform the lives of the physically challenged through providing mobility aids and a range of quality of life enhancing services for disabled people in Bangalore. One of the projects that they conduct annually is refurbishing wheelchairs which are then given free to needy individuals.  It’s a humbling to see how the donation of such a simple thing, but which is so out of reach of the ordinary individual can impact his or her life so positively.   The story is quite an incredible one, the wheelchairs are donated from all parts of the US, the drawback is that they are used and often in need of repair. So ProVision have tied up with the authorities at Bangalore  Central Prison for a team of volunteer inmates to repair and refurbish the wheelchairs! proVision Asia then conducts a WheelChair Camp, which is publicised widely and is open to any who are in need, regardless of economic status, religion, age, gender etc.. Physiotherapists and mechanics give freely of their time to assess, modify and fit the wheelchair to the specific needs of the individual. This month the container of wheelchairs is arriving in Bangalore. These wheelchairs and mobility aids are distributed to the disabled poor in and around Bangalore and ProVision already have a waiting list of clients who are in desperate need of these mobility aids. Rs60,000 is needed to pay for the receipt, transportation in Bangalore, refurbishment by the prison volunteers, and final distribution. Maybe Rs2000 per wheelchair – about £25 to transform someone’s life. Please let me know if you wish to sponsor me. Sean  

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