A few names on the waiting list…

The support and encouragement that all of you have shown towards the work of proVISION ASIA is overwhelming! Until now, you had read about how your support will help people lead a better life, how many of them will benefit from the mobility aids etc., but we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few of the recipients who will benefit from your generosity instead of just giving you numbers.
Here are a few children who attended the most recent Camp held by proVISION ASIA at Hassan, Karnataka. Unlike other children their age who spend their time at school, studying or chasing each other at play, these kids are home bound. These are children who all show signs of Cerebral Palsy and varying degrees of Mental Retardation. As a result of this, they suffer from severe trunk imbalance, spasticity, contractures that tighten the muscles to such an extent that it permanently affects the independent mobility of the child.
The parents of these children came to the Camp hoping for a miracle. When we explained to them their child’s condition and discussed what could be done, while adding rather helplessly that they would have to wait for Wheelchairs, some of them asked Esther, our physiotherapist to "do anything that will make their child normal" and "prescribe medicines" for their cure. Although Cerebral Palsy cannot be cured completely, if treated at the right time(as they’re young), can bring about phenomenal changes in these tiny tots. With your help, these children will get Wheelchairs that will help them get out of their homes, the first step in achieving the miracle. Once they have their mobility sorted, they can be enrolled in Special schools, taken to doctors for physical therapy or surgeries and be taught to live independently, even if it just starts off with something as simple as being able to eat on their own or wash themselves after a meal.
The right mobility aid is the start to a series of events that can change the lives of these children and YOU are the reason they can take this first, significant step. Thank You for the enthusiasm and selflessness you have shown in the past few weeks as a result of which these kids now have a ray of hope that could brighten their lives. 

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