proVISION ASIA celebrated ‘World Disability Day’ at Englewood School, North Bangalore.

01. August 2011 General 0

Normal’ is such a nonsense word,
Yet, so often is our aim.
An abstract concept so absurd
Our efforts but in vain.
Today, to teach children the importance,
Each created person claims,
We creatively took a glance
How all are different yet the same.
Lessons were taught through many means
Through story, sport, and songs
Through wheelchair rides and other scenes
While the day quickly passed along.
But at end, all agreed with eager nod
That every person is indeed a special gift of God.

Children Enjoying The Wheelchair Ride With Manjunath
Kara Teaching A Few Exercises


Heather Reading Her Book To The Children


Heather Teaching the Importance of Brushing

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