Meet Anbu Raju.

13. February 2012 General 32

Anbu Raju strolled into our centre with a request for a wheelchair. He comes from a small village in the state of Tamil Nadu, this place is often known as the land of the swaying coconut palms.  Farmers in that region sell these coconuts for their daily bread. However,  this means of survival can also turn out to be fatal. Who knew, that one such incident would happen to our friend- AnbuRaj, a victim of  coconuts falling on his head.

Anbu manages a chemical factory , so every morning he walks past a groove of coconut trees to reach his factory. Unfortunately, a year ago, a coconut fell on his head- this resulted in a head injury , this gradually developed weakness in both his legs.

Despite the fact of this fatal accident, he teaches children, conducts medical camps and counselling sessions at that village. When I asked him, how the wheelchair would help, this is what he said – ” Now I can go visit many houses in my village and help them with their needs.”

We at proVISION ASIA hope that Anbu would be a blessing at his village as he continues to serve his friends and neighbors.

32 thoughts on “Meet Anbu Raju.”

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    Doris on February 14, 2012 Reply

    This is an amazing story!. I never knew that coconuts could kill people and head injury could cause lack of movement in the legs.. I’m told that coconuts kill 150 people per year. and if the part of the head that controls body movements in affected, it could cause disability.

    Thanks to organizations like proVISION ASIA who puts “ability” in disability!

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    Esther Beena Mathew on February 14, 2012 Reply

    Sometimes we don’t realize how precious and blessed we are. Everytime we’re on the road we are bound to meet with so many accidents. I’m blessed to be a part of this- to reach and rescue.

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    Danny Gray on March 6, 2012 Reply

    Wow! Great story. We can not even take a coconut for granted. Thank you so much for taking excellent care of people like Anbu Raju.

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