TCS World 10K: proVISION ASIA’s Biggest Fundraiser for the Disabled in Bangalore

TCS World 10K: proVISION ASIA’s Biggest Fundraiser for the Disabled in Bangalore

The TCS World 10K Bengaluru was on May 27th this year and over 24,000 people participated in it. This event supported one of the BIGGEST fundraiser for the disabled in Bangalore. ProVISION ASIA is thankful to all who supported the cause! We were a part of the ‘Champions With Disability’ category which is a 4.2 Kilometres route. 30 of our clients in their wheelchairs participated and were pushed by 30 volunteers.

proVISION ASIA is PROUD to announce that we were awarded as the 3rd Highest Fundraiser and raised over 27 Lakh Rupees! THANK YOU to all of our donors, friends, volunteers and staff for their dedication and hard work to make this possible!

The 10K event itself was also a HUGE success for us. A few of our volunteers shared their experiences with us: 

  • Ms. Moji: “I was really chuffed to have been asked to take part in the 10k event a month ago, but mortified at the idea of running such a distance. Totally relieved when I learned that it was just 4K and I would be assisting my race partner in their wheelchair. Then I thought ‘Oh oh, I have never maneuvered a wheelchair outside before – eeeek’. My concerns and fears were completely allayed once I met my racing partner Nadia and all the other participants. There were volunteers on hand to help with the maneuvering of the wheelchair and they explained what to do. So I soon got the hang of it. Simple things, nonetheless really helpful as I was keen to ensure that Nadia was comfortable and that I did not make a fool of myself. The atmosphere was great and the music and dancing at the end had everyone having a good time. I was really happy to have been part of the event and hope to participate again next year.”


  • Ms. Susan Myers: “Participating in the TCS 10k with proVISION ASIA has been a highlight of my time in Bangalore. The energy and enthusiasm was infectious! This year, Rebecca and I teamed up. I ran and pushed the wheelchair while Rebecca provided the navigation and inspiration. It was a great example of what we can achieve when we combine and complement our skills and abilities.”

fund raiser for the disabled

  • Mr. Vikram Nanwani: “This was my first year in India, and my first year participating in this event. It was amazing to see the participants, but also all the people in the crowd cheering. It was a brilliantly coordinated event to help the most vulnerable in Indian society. I met volunteers and beneficiaries of proVISION ASIA and was blown away by the organisation and what it achieves. It definitely made the 6am start worth it and I’ll be back next year!”


  • Mrs. Vinithra Amarnathan: “This year in May, I participated with proVISION ASIA as part of the TCS World 10K Bengaluru. What a fabulous experience it was again and has been every time!! The ability to be part of a team experience and complete the run with and for your partner has been such a fulfilling experience. The energy among the people around as well as each proVISION ASIA member/participant is so palpable and infuses you with an overwhelming feeling of positivity. I can’t wait to be a part of this great experience again in 2019!”


  • Mrs. Moya Caddy: “I had seen several pictures of the proVISION ASIA team at the TCS 10K last year. When I saw these pictures, I had so much admiration for the people involved. I wanted to know more about the charity and the work they do. I have since had the pleasure of visiting the Centre and meeting some of the people who benefit from their numerous projects. I immediately wanted to get involved and therefore volunteered to participate in the big event. What an experience it was! It was wonderful to see unity on such a large scale within the proVISION ASIA team and the general public who turned up to show their support. It was wonderful to see so many people from all walks of life share their personal stories and share their own experiences of being helped by proVISION ASIA. I loved seeing this and I look forward to the next TCS 10K!” 

fund raiser for the disabled


  • Mr. & Mrs. Chadd Burckhardt: “Partnering with proVISION ASIA for the TCS 10k event was inspiring and uplifting. The event was high energy and well organized, and it was focused on capabilities rather than disabilities. It was great to be part of an event with such positive energy from organizers, participants, and the community who came out to support.” 


  • Mrs. Melissa Parkerton: “Being a member of Team proVISION ASIA  for the Champions with Disabilities walk was such a great experience! My husband and I both appreciated the chance to support a meaningful cause while also participating in a truly joyful event. Tom partnered with a man using a wheelchair while I walked with a woman with vision impairment, and we talked later about the festive environment and the feeling of inclusivity. We look forward to doing it again!”

A resounding “do it again”  is what we are told! So, are you convinced to volunteer for Bangalore’s biggest and most generous 10K run? Join us next May 2019 for an amazing day that you will never forget!

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