Bridging the Gap in Rural Karnataka!

02. August 2012 General 1
Although much of our work is done in and around the city of Bangalore, proVISION ASIA recognizes the importance of going beyond that as well. This photograph portrays our team as we reach out even to the villages to help bridge the gap between disabled people in neighboring villages and the community resources.  

Love in Motion at proVISION ASIA!

From late May to late July 2012, I had the incredible opportunity to live in the heart of Bangalore with my family. A week or so into my stay, I learned of an even more exciting opportunity on top of that – an opportunity to volunteer at this unique non-profit organization. I was so thankful ...

A Visit to Bangalore Central Prison!

 This past Saturday, some of the youth from Bangalore International Christian Fellowship, accompanied by some proVISION ASIA staff, took a visit to the Bangalore Central Prison. In the chapel there, testimonies were given and we were encouraged by the stories. We also stopped by the workshop where some prisoners refurbish wheelchairs for those in need. ...

Friendship Circle

This past Friday, as it was the last of the month, we hosted friendship circle. Through counseling sessions and group discussions, the theme of overcoming negativity was realized – at the end of the meeting, the 20 individuals who had attended were joyful indeed!