Hiking GoGlobal Team

Another GoGlobal Team: this time, in Boone, North Carolina in the U.S.A. Thank you to the Reynolds family for supporting our cause! This father-daughter duo hiked 10 kilometres and raised funds for proVISION ASIA! #helpthemmove #provisionasiapartners #hike #disabilityawareness  

Canadian International School friends

10 students from the 8th grade Contextual Learning class of Canadian International School visited us. We were able to teach them about various disabilities, how it affects the families, the difficulties they face in this city and much more information. After learning a lot, the students got really hands-on and practiced pushing themselves around in ...

They’re bbbbaaacccckkkk!

Mithra Special School is back in session! 21 students with disabilities ranging from Down’s Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy to Autism to Hearing Impairment. We are all looking forward to a year full of learning and fun!

Biker For A Cause

Say HI to another one of our GoGlobal teams: Mr. Alex Cooke from the UK He rode his motorcycle over 1,700 miles across India and raised funds for proVISION ASIA! He went ABOVE AND BEYOND the requested 10 kilometres! Thank you for your support Mr. Cooke! #helpthemmove #provisionasiapartners #bikes #disabilityawareness

New York Fun Run

An awesome group of our supporters did a fun run and raised funds for proVISION ASIA in Orchard Park, New York! Thank you ALL for coming out in the cold weather to do your part for the differently abled here in Bangalore, India! This group was led by Mr. & Mrs. Shafer. #helpthemmove #provisionasiapartners #funrun ...

Warsaw Walk!

40 women in Warsaw, Poland walked 10 kilometres and raised funds in support of proVISION ASIA! This wonderful group was led by Mrs. Paulyn Woodburn. Thank you ladies, for being one of our GoGlobal teams and for supporting us all the way from the capital of Poland! #helpthemmove #provisionasiapartners #warsaw #disabilityawareness

May 21st Video Part 1

https://youtu.be/Z3UEZCTF2gI Click on the link above to view our latest video! The run is over but the fun has just begun! Watch us roll down the streets of Bangalore supporting our friends with disabilities! Look out for part 2 of this video very soon. #helpthemmove #provisionasia #disability #tcsw10k #charityrun #bangalore

THANK YOU Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks!

The TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2017 was a HUGE SUCCESS for us this year! The night before our BIG event, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks came to our Center and provided dinner for 100 of our clients and staff. It was a generous and delicious donation and everyone was extremely grateful for it! THANK YOU Hilton ...