A Pretty Partnership

06. September 2016 General 0
In honor of Teacher’s Day yesterday, our Mithra Special School teachers were pampered at POLISHED The Boutique Nail Studio in Indiranagar. They all left feeling rejuvenated after their pedicures and had pretty nails to show for it! THANK YOU to the wonderful staff and lovely owner of POLISHED!

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02. September 2016 General 0
Out of Office the Band is at it again! They have released their 2nd single- Django. We already purchased ours, be sure to purchase it today here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/django-single/id1144192520! The proceeds go towards our Mithra Special School!


02. September 2016 General 0
proVISION ASIA teamed up with Caterpillar yesterday for a wheelchair distribution of many wheelchairs. Thank you Caterpillar for your contribution in helping the differently-abled for over five years!


10. August 2016 General 0
No matter what kind of day you are having, these faces always seem to make your day. Thank you everyone, your support keeps creating new smiles each day!