28. April 2015 General 1
Because of your generosity, patients of all ages come to the proVISION ASIA center and receive free physiotherapy every day. This is one of our numerous projects underwritten by our annual fundraiser, the TCS World 10k Bengaluru. Only 19 days left until the BIG event! #TCSW10k  #17May2015  

More Helping Hands!

One of the highlights so far of 2014 has been our wonderful volunteers! During May and June, we welcomed 2 physiotherapy volunteers: Katelyn (top) and Malia (bottom) came to us from the USA. Both ladies were a tremendous help to Winfred, our Physiotherapist. We are grateful for their selflessness, humility and the joy that they brought ...

Wheelchair to Prasanna

25. January 2012 General 0
Today at proVISION ASIA  we issued a wheelchair to one of  our clients, Master  Prasanna who has a Duchenne Muscular Distrophy.  He was waiting for the right wheel chair for the past one year.  During this time he visited proVISION ASIA Finally today, we were able to fit him with the exact wheelchair he needed! ...

Physiotherapy Walkathon

19. September 2011 General 2
The Walk-A-Thon was organized by the Bangalore Physiotherapy Network (BPN). This was an event to bring physiotherapists and their beneficiaries  together, creating an awareness about health. Physiotherapy as a whole is a vast subject and caters to different fields such as Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Neurology, Geriatrics and Disability. Therefore we at proVISION ASIA, who empower the ...